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Couples Counselling

For couples in partnership or married who may be cohabiting or living separately. Couples therapy can also be for other relationships e.g. a parent and adult child (18+), including step-parents; siblings; other family members and friends.


Relationships &/or individuals within a relationship can change over time upsetting the status Quo. Certain patterns/way of being can develop within relationships which can become problematic for one or both parties. It is quite common for communication to break down, individuals to react rather than respond to each other creating distance and even hostility. This is when couples counseling can help.


In couples counselling we will work together to:-

Explore the issues concerning your relationship in a safe, confidential and supportive environment without judgement 

Examine your thoughts, feelings and negative patterns hindering the relationship 

Help you to communicate clearly and work through problems more effectively

Help recognize power struggles

Look at responsibility of each individual within the relationship – taking ownership of your own part in the relationship problems/breakdown

Help rediscover the love/passion that once was

Decide if the relationship can continue or not – if the decision is to end the relationship couples counselling can help you through the separation process

Sessions last 50 or 60 minutes on a weekly basis. There is an option for a 90 minute session if you prefer.

For more information about couples counselling and fees please click here.

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