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Individual Counselling

Counselling is a safe place where you can talk about your concerns, difficulties and anything troubling you without judgement. 

I will help you to make sense of your current life situation and maybe difficult/overwhelming thoughts and feelings. 

Over time you will gain clarity, insight and a deeper level of self-awareness which will enable you to move forward in life.​

Individual Counselling can help you to:-


Express yourself freely and without judgement

Make informed choices about your life and relationships

Process emotional pain past or present which may be keeping you stuck and unable to make decisions

Look at areas of your life that need to change and accept the things that cannot be changed

Develop a better understanding of your behaviours/patterns which effect yo and, your life situation

Understand your relationships with others and make improvements e.g. Family/Friends/Work Colleagues/Partner/Spouse


There can be many reasons for attending counselling.

No problem or situation is too big or too small. Whether you have a clear idea of what you need to work on or feel uncertain and confused individual counselling can help. 


​Sessions last 50 or 60 minutes and are conducted on a regular, weekly basis.

For more information on how counselling sessions work and fees click here.

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